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Built for People at the Forefront of Evolving Culture

Built for People at the Forefront of Evolving Culture.

Wholelife is a business-to-business collaborative social media and commerce network that supports you in amplifying your message and monetizing your content across the globe. Our clients include:

  • Authors and Experts
  • Indie Media Producers
  • Coaches, Facilitators, Trainers
  • Public Speakers
  • Artists
  • Conscious Entrepreneurs
  • Cultural Evolutionaries

Wholelife gives you the ability to create your own unique and comprehensive one-stop media and commerce platform that supports you in easily and cost-effectively creating, distributing and monetizing your content, products and services.

During our beta launch, Wholelife provides the foundational building blocks of your media platform: video, audio and livestream capabilities within a social framework. You can leverage the behaviors that Facebook and other social networks have already instilled in over two billion people throughout the world.

You create your media platform on your Wholelife business page by choosing from a range of complementary integrated apps that can then be embedded on any website and Facebook page or group. Wholelife enables you take your content, products and services directly to wherever your audience is.

Through our global network, Wholelife provides a range of professional services including technology and website development, digital marketing, digital media production, along with associated services, to support your marketing and successfully reach your audience and monetize your content.

To further expand your audience reach, Wholelife is creating curated topic-based video magazines and original daily programing produced by our members to be syndicated to large Facebook pages and websites, potentially reaching millions of people that are part of your core audience.

We welcome your knowledge, insight, messages and contributions at this important point in human history and look forward to assisting you in realizing your ambitions.

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