Hacked By Mr.r3NduX69
 AndroSec1337 Cyber Team   
Hellow Gue Mr.r3NduX69 siapa sih yang gak tau gw  Maqloe kayang Trus gw sakit hati 
sama ceue sombong asw w entot mampus lo Dasar lu ceue cantik lonte muda Teteq
kepos asw eamang apa yang lu banggain cantik ? iya lonte iya ! :v tapi coli
pepq lu udah jadi sarang burung camar ngomong sok di seksi sexi in
biar lebih cetar'sumpah gw baru sadar klo ppq ngentod itu ..
Kata wajar dan gw curhat kyk gini karena gw Emosi sama
lu anjing gw Mr.r3NduX69 thanks to admin web!
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Here I share my journey towards self-acceptance in hopes of motivating you to love and accept who you are right now. I don't know what you want in life. I don't even know what I want in life yet. But are you truly living now? Or just breathing? At 14 I thought starving myself would make me pretty. At 15 I thought drugs would make me happy. At 16 I just wanted people to like me. At 17 I realized I didn't even like myself. Question your beliefs. Question your choices.

Published on 08 February 2018 by wholelifetv

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